Voting rights - Voter ID

This link is to a website run by the nonpartisan election protection coalition. This website offers individuals the opportunity to find where there polling place is, learn about voter ID laws and bills, get general information about voting, and many current voting rights stories in the news. This website also allows individuals to report voting problems.

Voting rights - Redistricting

The Voting Section is part of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department and is tasked with enforcing the major civil rights / voting rights laws passed by congress. The section is at the forefront of most voting rights litigation and fulfills various roles in protecting the voting franchise for minority voters across the country.

Candidate Information

This link is to a website whose only purpose is to check the validity of candidate’s comments, commercials, etc… This is a good way for individuals to become more involved with what is actually going on in the election process. A contact person is not listed but above is the contact information provided by the website.

Voter registration - Felon voting rights

This link is to a website for the non-profit organization project vote, which educates and helps those in need about voting. This website has a link that allows people to register to vote, talks about early registration, voter purges, felon voting rights and many more of the issues that arise today.

Voter registration - Voter fraud - Poll Worker Information

This link is to the website for Demos. This website has information about the National Voter Registration Act, voter fraud, poll worker training, and a number of other voting rights issues. The contact person for this website is Brenda Wright.
Contact Information: Brenda Wright

Need information about voting in your state? The links on this page below are your guide to elections / voting information on the Internet. Use these sites for information on candidates, voter registration, polling places, absentee voting, military and overseas voting and more.

Voting rights - Felon disenfranchisement - Redistricting

This link is for the ACLU’s voting rights page which gives great information about the Voting Rights Act. Additionally, this website offers a number of links to pages that talk about each states felon disenfranchisement laws, answers about redistricting, state by state information about individuals voting rights and many other useful links. I was unable to find a name of a person to contact on this website.

Voter registration - Voter Identification - Candidate Information

This link is to a website that allows individuals to see if they are registered to vote, if they are not registered they can register, and it allows individuals to find out what kind of identification they need to bring with them when voting. This website also talks about becoming a poll worker and allows people to learn about the candidates.

Voting Rights

Voting & Registration

Voting Information On the Web

Voter registration

This link is to a website for getting general information about voting. This website allows viewers to find out when their elections are, where to vote, register to vote, what is on the ballots and a lot more of knowledge that is useful when voting.